A Powerful way to Promote Health

“Above, down, inside, out.” BJ Palmer

What would your life look and feel like if your nerve supply was optimally aligned to every cell in your body? How much energy will have when the pumping mechanism for the fluid from your brain through your spinal cord is working top notch? These are all possible with chiropractic care.

Optimizing the nerve flow by chiropractic adjustment maximizes the health and healing power of the body. Misaligned or rotated spinal bones are called a subluxation. Subluxations interfere with the nerve impulse so that nerve is carrying less power or charge to the muscles, organs and tissues it supplies. A spinal adjustment moves bones into alignment helping optimize the power supply to the nerves. The power supply for each nerve starts in the brain. Each nerve supplies a specialized area in the body and a chiropractic adjustment allows your body to heal optimally by resorting nerve supply.

A doctor of chiropractic studies eight years to gain knowledge of how to diagnose and treat you properly as a patient! A chiropractic adjustment is a very powerful experience!

A chiropractic adjustment is a powerful way to promote health, eliminate aches and pains, and improve organ function.

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