Masks are required by law. We have a few for sale if you don’t have one, but


As we work during this pandemic please follow the instructions below which will decrease spread of coronavirus and keep all of us healthier:

1) Please wait in the hall until called into the clinic, if you wish to wait in your car let us know and we will call you when it is close to your time to enter. Stand 6 feet apart from other people.

2) Upon entering the clinic go directly to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

3) Proceed directly to your doctor’s treatment room for your appointment.

4) Pay afterwards and feel free to wash your hands after touching the money.

5) Please do not sit in our waiting area at all.

We have extra securities in place to flatten the curve whole allowing you to strengthen your body and Immune system.

Please do not congregate in the halls afterwards. This is a time where you going home and staying home as much as is possible benefits us all.

We do have products available to aid in boosting your immune system, and this is highly recommended at this time to optimize your immunity. Please ask about the products we have.

Thank you for your attention to the requests made for your safety. We are doing our best to keep us all healthy.

Yours in health
Dr. Susan